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Safety Treated As a Priority

At KMC & Kaye, safety comes first for every employee and subcontractor. We make sure all our employees receive proper training for their tasks. This commitment creates safe work environments across our operations, from our HQ to the roads and all job sites. Safety isn't just a priority – it's ingrained in how we manage and supervise - consistently promote safety on the job.

Safety is at the heart of our values at KMC & Kaye. Our unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and productivity sets us apart. We not only meet safety standards but exceed them. The Safety Department ensures this by regularly visiting job sites, making safety a top focus. We collaborate with General Contractors (GCs), meet with superintendents, and conduct thorough site walks during every visit.

Each employee holds a stake in safety. Our weekly safety meetings, combined with site visits and management dedication, foster a positive safety atmosphere that yields tangible results. We encourage employees to contribute safety ideas, promoting involvement and empowering workers to share their insights to enhance the overall safety program.

At KMC & Kaye, safety isn't just a commitment – it's woven into all aspects of our operations. A robust health and safety plan is our proactive approach to preventing accidents, injuries, and damages. Our leadership ensures every employee takes responsibility for their actions, encouraging them to prioritize their safety and the safety of those around them.

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